“Musical Expressions is a great place to learn and experience music!” – Phil L.

We’re privileged to teach some of the finest students in the Naperville area! Below we have gathered feedback from students and families so you can learn what they think and how they feel about taking lessons at Musical Expressions. We want to share their experiences with you.

Multiple Instruments

As a band director and published composer, I was particular in finding a musically-rich studio environment for my son. Well, we found it. Musical Expressions is a bright and cheerful enterprise providing top-notch instruction in a most musician-friendly way.”
– Tim L.

We are very satisfied with Musical Expressions and their teachers. The children love to come to their lessons with John Melnick and Patrick Dugan. They have made a lot of progress within the past 2 years. We will continue to recommend the studio.
– Lucy D.

Guitar Lessons

For a long time I’ve wished that I could play guitar and I finally decided to try lessons. Patrick Dugan is absolutely great. Aside from being an amazing guitar player, he’s a fantastic instructor. He goes above and beyond to help me learn and keep it interesting. I recommend Patrick and Musical Expressions to anyone interested in learning guitar.
– Chad Buttell

I love my lessons. As a teen I enjoy the independence and respect Erik [Swanson] gives me and his depth of musical diversity is only surpassed by his technical skill.
– Andrew B.

Patrick Dugan is really great to work with. He has shown me many techniques for practicing at home and has managed to keep learning fun!
– Alex H.

Piano Lessons

Sue Good has given me so much more than just the ability to play the piano. Her positive approach to teaching has encouraged me to continue to grow both musically and as an individual. Sue, thank you for everything you have given me. You will always be special to me!”
– Rachel R.

“Andrew’s teacher Deb [Judycki] is great! She motivates him to practice piano. She is really good with kids. Sometimes he gets discouraged with practicing but always ends his classes with a much better attitude.”
– Sheri X.

“I recently signed up my grandson for piano lessons with John [Melnick] at Musical Expressions. The studio is friendly and inviting. Tim has only had a few lessons but we can already see improvement. John is a great teacher. He really keeps the students entertained and alert! It is great to see all of the smiling faces in the waiting room. The facility is very clean and well maintained. What a great place!”
– Martha S.

“My boys have enjoyed their introduction to piano with Mrs. Judycki. They look forward to coming because she challenges them and makes learning interesting and fun. Thank you!”
– Megan H.

“I am a piano student with Miss Amy [Dickman]. Amy is such a nice teacher. She is very patient and explains things very well. If I have questions, she is always willing to take the time to spell things out for me. Amy, I think you’re great! Thank you!”
– Cindy W.

“My daughter takes piano lessons with Deb [Judycki]. We really think she is a great teacher. She is very attentive to our daughter’s needs. We are very pleased and will recommend Musical Expressions.”
– Jonathon S.

“I have three children studying piano with Yee Seer [See]. She is a great teacher. The children enjoy working with her. She has given them great musical experiences.”
– Martha B.

“I have to call out Rory’s piano teacher, John Melnick, for his awesomeness. In the year since Rory has been with him, I am blown away by Rory’s ease in picking up songs, his technique and enthusiasm for the instrument. Before it was a chore Rory had to tick off his list, but John’s down to earth approach coupled with his talent and love for music has obviously rubbed off! ‘Hats off’ to Musical Expressions for finding wonderful John for us.
– Wendell

“Dearest Sue [Good], you have been much more than a piano and music teacher to our family. You have become a dear friend and a part of the family. Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for all your care, wisdom, and love not just for our girls, but for everyone around you! We look forward to a long, happy relationship with you and the studio!”
– Elena V.

Voice Lessons

I study voice with Bridget [Becker]. She is absolutely amazing! I feel very lucky to have such a fantastic teacher!
– Celeste C.

When my 12-year-old daughter and I decided she’d like to take voice lessons I searched the Internet for voice teachers near Glen Ellyn. Musical Expressions caught my eye because of all the types of lessons they offer. When I inquired about lessons via e-mail they got back to me the same day so I knew they were organized – definitely a plus! They said one of their voice teachers, Bridget Becker, had openings so I scheduled her first lesson. We were both so pleased to meet Bridget. I took voice lessons throughout high school and I think my daughter has already learned more in three months than I did!  Bridget is such a genuinely kind and supportive teacher. We are so pleased to be part of the Musical Expressions family!
– Kathy N.

Danielle [Floberg] is new to Musical Expressions. She took over a full studio for another teacher who is currently pursuing her Doctorate degree in performance. We were a little uneasy about a new teacher, but our worries were absolutely unfounded! Danielle is a very talented and energetic teacher. We are very pleased to have our daughter study with such a great teacher! Musical Expressions did an excellent job engaging a new professional to their teaching staff.
– Sandy H.

My daughter enjoys her voice lessons [with Bridget Becker] and looks forward to them every week.  Singing makes her happy. I, as a parent, enjoy supporting her in activities that make her happy.
– Karen F.

Cello Lessons

“I just stopped in the office to let you know how much Emily is enjoying her cello lessons with Mary [McGinty]! Emily is practicing more and really progressing beautifully. We feel very fortunate to have such a dedicated and talented teacher. We love Musical Expressions. This studio is such a gem!
– Keith D.

Trumpet Lessons

“Stephan enjoys trumpet lessons with Jered [Montgomery]. Jered is young and full of energy and has made a great connection with my son. We are very pleased with our experience at Musical Expressions. We will gladly recommend the studio!
– Uda J.

Horn Lessons

Bobby [Calebaugh Clark] is a great horn teacher who has introduced me to a lot of new music and materials that I haven’t experienced before. She has wonderfully improved my skill level, confidence, and performance ability!”
– Maria R.

Drum Lessons

“Stephen has been a drum student with Ron [Spaeth] for several years. Ron has a great teaching personality and our son looks forward to every lesson. We will continue to recommend Musical Expressions to friends and family members.
– Christina G.

“I’ve been taking lessons with Ed [Breckenfeld] for about a year and a half. He always finds ways to challenge my abilities and keeps it fun by giving me new songs to learn each week. Ed is a great drum teacher. I really feel like he cares about my progress as a musician.”
– Patrick B.