Music lessons are enjoyable

Joshua has been a member of the Musical Expressions family since 2012. Currently, he is taking music lessons with Ed Breckenfeld (drums), John Melnick (piano), Jered Montgomery (trombone), and Patrick Dugan (Rock Ensemble Director).  When we caught up with Joshua a few months ago he had just finished a drum lesson with Ed Breckenfeld. As usual, he was smiling from ear to ear and his expression was one of real enthusiasm. He was very excited to share some thoughts on Ed and about his experiences at Musical Expressions.
What would you like to share with us?
Mr. B. is amazing! He is always happy and really helpful. He is an amazing drummer and teacher!
What is the best piece of advice that you have received from Ed?
The best piece of advice is to play with meaning. With drumming, you can’t just bang away, you have to put spirit into it. Mr. B. helped me add more spirit and life to my drumming. It’s now much more than just noise.
What do you love best about learning at Musical Expressions?
I love the feeling it gives off! Everyone is always happy and helpful. The teachers are super nice!
What is your favorite musical activity?
My favorite musical activity is to perform! I love going up on stage and really making music!

Joshua and his Melodica

We also took a few moments to talk with Joshua’s teachers. Every one of them had tremendous things to say about this talented young musician.

John Melnick (piano) “Joshua is a good example of a student who realizes that learning music is a cumulative process. It requires a lot of slow practice and repetition to learn a piece quickly. He asks for and sets obtainable goals each week so he gauges his progress. He is very methodical in his approach to learning and pays attention to details. He truly is a pleasure to work with.”
Jered Montgomery (brass) “Joshua possesses attributes to get the most out of his lessons. He doesn’t come in to music lessons and just play. He listens to the “masters” of trombone and asks, “How can I sound like that?” This gives a teacher a platform to attack and pinpoint areas for each lesson. Also, Joshua is very goal-oriented from week to week. It is his methodical nature and discipline that will result in his success in whatever he chooses to pursue.”
Ed Breckenfeld (drums) “Josh is a talented, hard-working young drum student who has achieved a great deal of success in school band and at Musical Expressions’ ensemble program. He is always a pleasure to work with in his lessons. Josh has an extremely bright musical future.”
Patrick Dugan (guitar/Rock Ensemble Director) “Joshua is the type of student that every music instructor desires to work with. He is enthusiastic, very attentive, and extremely self-motivated. Even with immense natural talent and a sharp detail-oriented mind it is his attitude that impresses me the most. Joshua is a team player, treats others with respect and is willing to put the team’s priorities above his own.”

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