Dave Bernat

Instructor Dave Bernat – Drums & Classical Percussion

Dave Bernat has enjoyed playing and teaching in the Chicago area for over 25 years. He began studying drums and percussion in junior high, and started teaching while in high school for a local marching band’s drum line.

Dave Bernat teaches drums and percussion.Dave continued his formal study in orchestral percussion, including mallets and timpani as well as drum set, at DePaul University with Al Payson, Mike Green, and Tom Radtke.

Dave is currently teaching students from Chicago area, as well as teaching private lessons as part of the St. Giles school band program. He has worked as a composer and drummer for the Chicago based music house “Genuine Music” and continues to freelance with several different groups in the Chicago area.

His main teaching goals are to give his students the tools they need to achieve a high level of proficiency in drumming and percussion technique and performance.

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